Using music as a Sleep Aid
music for sleeping

If you are finding difficulty sleeping then peaceful relaxing music can help to induce a calm and relaxed state making it easy for you to get those all important zzzzzzzz's you need to function normally every day. Lack of sleep can lead to lack of concentration, lack of focus and clarity. It can be caused by stress worry and an overactive mind. Restful, relaxing, healing music can help those with such restless minds to a place of calm where the possibility of a deep sleep becomes greater.

We will be providing free  videos and mp3 downloads of relaxing sleep music on this website soon to help you quickly nod off without the need for counting sheep or taking sleep pills or using other sleep aids that may not be useful in the slightest.

You can also try this video featuring three hours of meditation music.

Relaxing Music

The video below contains one hour of deeply relaxing gentle instrumental music to help induce sleep,

Take a listen now but dont forget to grab a pillow and curl up on the sofa first!